All articles published in the African Journal of Health Professions Education are open access and freely available online upon publication. This is made possible by applying a business model to offset the costs of peer review management, copyediting, design and production, by charging a publication fee of R8 900 ( VAT incl.) for research articles and R4 500 (VAT incl.) for forum and short report pieces. The publication fee is standard as per article type and does not vary based on colour, figures, or other elements.

When submitting a Research or Short report article to the AJHPE, the submitting author must agree to pay the publication fee should the article be accepted for publication. The publication fee is payable when your manuscript is editorially accepted and before production commences for publication. The submitting author will be notified that payment is due and given details on the available methods of payment. Prompt payment is advised; the article will not enter into production until payment is received.
Queries can be directed to [email protected].

Please refer to the section on ‘Sponsored Supplements’ regarding the publication of supplements, where a charge is applicable. Queries can be directed to or