We invite colleagues to submit an image or picture of an interesting finding. This could be a clinical sign, pathology, bronchoscopic image, or any inetresting visual representation of respiratory medicine or critical care. It should be accompanied by a narrative of a max 150 words explaining the image.

Preceding the narrative, there should be an interesting question about the image, e.g. what the underlying clinical sign or pathological feature is?

The title should be submitted in a question-like format.

Technical specifications:

The narrative text, including the figure legend, must be in Microsoft Word document format.

When symbols, arrows, numbers, or letters are used to identify parts of the illustrations, each one should be identified and explained clearly in the legend.

Acceptable image file types

The image file should ideally be submitted as a high resolution TIFF. JPEGs are acceptable if the image was originally captured as a large JPEG file with minimal or no compression.

When uploading the image file, please be sure to upload the original source file. The system will convert the file to a quick-view PDF and the original source file will be available to the editors.

Please supply two versions of the image files. The first should include any scale bars, symbols, arrows, numbers or letters and the second, with those elements excluded.


 Images must have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch).


Any information in photographs that might identify a patient or hospital/facility should be removed or edited out of the image, as far as possible. Where necessary, patient information must be obtained.