Vol. 16 No. 2 (2023)


Revisions to the World Medical Association’s Declaration of Helsinki: Africa Region Consultation



Turning the moral compass towards transformative research ethics: An inflection point for humanised pedagogy in higher education

Changes in the empathy levels of a group of undergraduate medical students: A longitudinal study

Unpacking the legality of termination of pregnancy based on ‘social grounds’ under South African law

Inserting microethics into paediatric clinical care: A consideration of the models of the doctor-patient relationship

Vol. 16 No. 3 (2023)


The situation in Gaza – will cruelty and hatred triumph?


Gaza and international law: The global obligation to protect life and health

Pragmatic ethical approaches to evangelising in the medical encounter


A golden opportunity for South Africa to legislate on human heritable genome editing

Three to one – an ethicolegal outline of mitochondrial donation in the South African context

Collective responsibility during a cholera outbreak

SAJBL Vol 17 No. 1


International humanitarian law: Dunant would be devastated again

Scientific Letter

Israel’s systematic weaponisation of health in Gaza


Scientific racism: Histories, legacies and ethics Steve Biko Bioethics Lecture, 12 September 2023


International humanitarian laws: Applicable to all or a privilege for some?

Navigating ethical challenges of integrating genomic medicine into clinical practice

Examining the Mr Tsafendas enquiry trial

Organ donation after circulatory death

Clarifying the legal requirement for cross-border sharing of health data in POPIA