The impact of maternal weight gain during pregnancy on perinatal outcomes

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L Mochhoury
F Z Lamiri
I Marc
M Chebabe


Background. Weight gain during pregnancy is a physiological event related to fetal tissue growth and maternal metabolic modifications with the addition of adipose tissue reserves. Maternal nutritional status before and during pregnancy has a considerable influence on the course of pregnancy, fetal development, the health status of the newborn, as well as outcomes for the child.

Objectives. To evaluate the impact of maternal weight gain during pregnancy on the occurrence of maternal and neonatal morbidity in the Moroccan population.

Methods. A study was carried out over one year in the maternity ward of the provincial hospital of Benslimane between 1 October 2020 and 1 October 2021, using data collected from a descriptive cross-sectional study. We included mothers delivering singletons from 37 completed weeks up to 42 weeks’ gestation, while those with diabetes or hypertension were excluded. We divided the mothers into three groups based on weight gain during pregnancy: group I gained <8 kg; group II gained 8 -16 kg; and group III gained >16 kg. A validated questionnaire was used to analyse maternal and neonatal outcomes.

Results. Data were collected from 1 408 pregnancies. Gestational hypertension, macrosomia, dystocia, and caesarean sections were more common among women who gained >16 kg (p<0.05).

Conclusion. Weight gain during pregnancy has been associated with maternal-fetal complications, hence the need to establish guidelines for prevention and control of high-risk pregnancies during the perinatal period.

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The impact of maternal weight gain during pregnancy on perinatal outcomes. (2024). South African Journal of Child Health, 18(1), e1980.

How to Cite

The impact of maternal weight gain during pregnancy on perinatal outcomes. (2024). South African Journal of Child Health, 18(1), e1980.


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