Vol 28. No. 1

Issue highlights

• Provision of postpartum long acting reversible contraception

• Safe caesarean sections in South Africa: Is internship training sufficient?

• A comparison of malignant histopathological diagnoses on uterine curettings and hysterectomy specimens

• Maternal experiences of care following a stillbirth at Steve Biko Academic Hospital, Pretoria, South Africa

• Concurrent chemo-radiation induced renal and haematological toxicities in patients with invasive cervical cancer undergoing treatment

• Bicornuate uterus with second trimester fetal demise in a rudimentary horn

Vol. 28 No. 2

  • Is Medicine a process of scientific rigour?

  • A proposed fetal risk scoring system for gestational diabetes to assist in optimising timing of delivery

  • How to care for fetuses with prenatally diagnosed severe abnormalities

  • Screening for maternal and congenital syphilis with a chemiluminescence immunoassay in a South African private specialist healthcare sector setting