The prospect of social medicine in South Africa

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L F Adonis
D Basu


The term “médecine sociale” (social medicine in English) was first coined in 1848 during the French Revolution by Dr. Jules Guérin. It is a branch of medicine that focuses on the impact of social and economic conditions on health, disease, and the practice of medicine, with the intention of creating a healthier society. It is an interdisciplinary program between medicine and social sciences, expected to equip medicine with the knowledge and skills needed for analyzing the social causes of health and illness, akin to how the alliance between medicine and laboratory sciences provided insights into the biological, chemical, and physical bases of diseases.

Social medicine is also interconnected with social determinants of health. While social determinants of health specifically target social and environmental conditions that affect health, social medicine has a broader scope, encompassing the entire social context of health, including societal structures and cultural factors. In the post-apartheid era, social medicine could play an important role in transforming the healthcare system to ensure equity and inclusivity, leading to improved health outcomes. This would require re-engineering the education of health professionals in South Africa at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, as practiced in many parts of the world.

This will assist South Africa in joining the global movement of social medicine for the promotion of human rights and social justice in medicine, and a better understanding of the impact of social factors on the aetiology and management of medical disorders in the 21st century.

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The prospect of social medicine in South Africa. (2024). Southern African Journal of Public Health, 7(2), e1872.
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L F Adonis, Department of Public Health Medicine, University of Pretoria, South Africa, WHO collaborating centre for SDH and HiAP

Department of Public Health Medicine, UNiversity of Pretoria

WHO Collaborating Centre for SDH and HiAP

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The prospect of social medicine in South Africa. (2024). Southern African Journal of Public Health, 7(2), e1872.


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