CME (by invite only)

CME is intended to provide readers with practical, up-to-date information on medical and related matters. It is aimed at those who are not specialists in the field.

From January 2016, all CME articles will be printed in full in the SAMJ. Please try to adhere strictly to the guidelines on word count as we have a page limit for the print issue of the SAMJ. We reserve the right to place some tables and reference lists online if this is necessary for space.

In practice, this means that each CME topic usually covers two issues of the print issue of the SAMJ.

The guest editor, in consultation with the editor, is responsible for convening a team of authors, deciding on the subjects to be covered and for reviewing the manuscripts submitted. The suggestion is for 4 - 5 articles, although there is some room for flexibility contingent on discussions with the editor.

For queries about these guidelines please feel free to contact the CME editor, Dr Bridget Farham, by email ([email protected]) or telephone (+27 (0)82 452 2860)

Review process

The guest editor reviews the articles and returns them to the CME editor for review and final approval.

Guest editorials

Guideline word limit: 1 000 words

  • Include the guest editor’s personal details (qualifications, positions, affiliation, e-mail address, and a short personal profile (50words)).
  • If possible, include a photograph of the author(s) at high enough resolution for print. It is preferable to provide two guest editorials, one for each issue, so that the content of the articles in each issue is covered.


Guideline word limit: 2 000 - 3 000 words

  • Each article requires an abstract of ±200 words.
  • The editor reserves the right to shorten articles but will send a substantially shortened article back for author approval.

Personal details

Please supply: Your qualifications, position and affiliations and MP number (used for CPD points); Address, telephone number and fax number, and your e-mail address; and a short personal profile (50words)and a few words about your current fields of interest.