Call for papers

Announcement of the launch of a new African journal - Undergraduate Research in Health journal (URHJ)

The Undergraduate Research in Health journal (URHJ) is an online, bi-annual, peer-reviewed journal that presents research done by undergraduate students in the health sciences.  The journal is created in order to embrace the notion that sharing research outputs is part of the ladder of scholarship for undergraduate students in health science. The journal aims to encourage, support and showcase the work of undergraduate health sciences students and those that have recently graduated. The journal will only consider manuscripts written by undergraduate students or manuscripts written collaboratively by undergraduate students and academics. The first author should be the undergraduate student. It is strongly suggested to add an academic collaborator as the corresponding author (where possible).

URHJ is dedicated to the publication of high-quality undergraduate health sciences student research. The journal welcomes academic articles from all institutions who train health sciences or health professional students in Africa and beyond. The first author should be the student. All articles will undergo a rigorous peer review which is based on initial editor screening and two anonymous reviews by members of the academic fraternity.

In order to complete peer-review and revision in time for our first issues, we need to receive your submission by 31st July 2022.   We invite you to submit one (or more) of the following to this new journal:


Research paper

Guideline word limit: 3 000 words (excluding abstract and bibliography)

Research articles should describe the background and objectives, methods, results, and conclusions of an original research study. The article should contain the following sections:

  • structured abstract,
  • introduction inclusive the objectives (the introduction section should include a succinct review of the literature)
  • methods,
  • results,
  • discussion, and
  • conclusion.

Research papers may include a total of six figures or tables (any combination) and between 10 to 25 references.


Scientific letters/short reports

Guideline word limit: 1500 words

These are shorter length, scholarly research articles. Single-institution, and/or studies with sample sizes smaller than 100 are better submitted as short reports.

  • Abstract: Structured, of about 250 words, with the following, recommended headings: Background, Objectives, Methods, Results, and Conclusion.
  • May include only one illustration or table
  • A maximum of 8 references


Short communications

Guideline word limit: 500 words

 Short communications are manuscripts that share work in progress or lessons learnt. Short communication submissions:

  • Should be no more than 500 words in length
  • Have a maximum of 3 references, and a maximum of 1 table or figure.
  • Structured under the following headings: Why was the idea necessary (Problem), What was tried (Approach) and What were the lessons learnt (Outcomes).

The complete author guidelines and steps for online submission are available on the journal’s website:


Review paper

Guideline word limit: 3000 words

These include literature reviews with author discussion and opinion that focus on important current topics relevant to Health professions and sciences.

Should be structured under the following headings:

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Headings as relevant to the review
  • Conclusions
  • May include tables and/or graphs to a maximum of 6
  • A maximum of 50 references


We look forward to hearing from you.

Dr Astrid Turner 

Editor in Chief